Wedding in paradise . How we pulled off a hawaii wedding for less than 10 grand

Wedding in paradise . How we pulled off a hawaii wedding for less than 10 grand

My story is starting somewhere in the middle, and in my case the middle is my wedding day. I say it’s somewhere in the middle, because it’s just that, the center of two very big changes in my adult life. One being the day I moved to Hawaii and the second being the day I moved away. As I continue this blog, I think the themes of the island and “aloha” will inevitably pour through my writing , and influence my posts. As I grow as a blogger, I want to always have that Hawaii influence to be a basis of my everyday life and posts.

Planning a wedding in Hawaii as you can imagine, is very expensive not to mention stressful, time consuming, nerve wrecking and down right seemingly impossible. Planning a Hawaiian wedding with a BUDGET is laughable (I literally had a couple wedding planners laugh at me when I told them about my 10,000 MAX budget). Lucky for me and more lucky for my husband, we were actually able to maintain our budget and still have a beautiful Hawaiian wedding, the kind I really dreamed about. It helps knowing the right people who consider you Ohana (family) to assist you in anything and everything you may need. And assist our friends did.


Above you can see all our friends and family who came out to celebrate with us on our memorable day, many of which our wedding wouldn’t have been possible without.

It’s all in the details.


From the hair on my head to the dress and the shoes, everything was well-thought our and planned. And most importantly…reasonably priced or free (best friend discount)

Hair and Makeup -Andrea Senyitko. Instagram: Hair_bye_dre

Dress- Custom made by my good friend Rebecca Rank. Instagram: rebeccarank

Sole-less sandals- Fashionary Design. Etsy shop.


The flowers really tied everything together and admittedly were the most expensive component of the wedding (aside from the venue), but definitely worth it.

Flowers- Ocean Dreamer (Instagram)

Its no surprise that weddings can be expensive. I read recently that the average American wedding costs around 35,000 dollars! That is a new car people. What really helped me with a little money saving was deciding which components were the most important to me, and from there was able to work around the other stuff that really wasn’t necessary to spend money on. For me, pictures were the most important because thats the one thing you can keep with you forever. The second were the flowers, because they can make a pop-up tent in the park look beautiful.



Continuing with the Aloha spirit … our friends helped us big time with the beer. By having all the beer donated to us by the good people of Waikiki Brewing Company, cheers to that. The food on the other hand was made by Alex of Alejandro’s tacos. He did an amazing job, and couldn’t beat the price. And for the record, Taco bar is much better than a catered dry chicken meal or whatever the big catering companies try to serve you and charge 40 dollars a plate.

Like I said before, everything came together to make the day more perfect than I could have ever imagined. A dream wedding in Hawaii is possible, even if you’re not a millionaire. My fairytale is being written and this is just the beginning. A beginning starting somewhere in the middle.

final-33-Lfinal-75-L final-72-L


All photos taken by: Bree Chang @Twopeasinatripod


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    These pictures are amazing! Even I’ve started a blog recently. If time permits, do visit! 🙂

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      Thanks so much for the positive feedback 😁 I’ll for sure check out your blog .

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    All your photos are wonderful for each blog post! What do you use to take pictures?

    • May 26, 2017 / 6:57 pm

      Hi! Thanks so much! I’m currently using a Cannon Rebel SL1 🙂

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