Aloha Mainland! Las Vegas

Aloha Mainland! Las Vegas

Traveling along the I-15 North, we left California behind us and had our sights set on the City of Sin.

So, my husband and I are newly Weds (which you may or may not know already) anyway, I figure this is the ultimate test to our relationship thus far…confining ourselves to sitting 6 inches from each other for hours and hours on the daily as we cross the U.S. Good news, we survived! But copious amounts of snacks definitely helped.


Having said that… Is it really a road trip without at least 3 Inn and Out binges?!

Las Vegas, Nevada.

So we made it to Vegas which I haven’t been to since my 21 st birthday. A very different reality visiting as a married woman of 27, and so much better!



A walk down Freemont Street (old Vegas)




While on Freemont Street we had to stop by Cousins Maine Lobster food truck. So delicious, and crazy fresh lobster. We got the traditional lobster roll sandwich. A definite must try while walking around Old Vegas.

A night out…

After a day out exploring Old Vegas, we went back to our hotel (The Hilton Grand Vacation) and got ready for a night out. We decided to get tickets to the Cirque de solei show, “Ka”. I’ve never been to a CDS show so I was extremely excited to see it.


Stopped to watch the famous Bellagio fountain show.

 After the fountain show, we walked to the MGM Grand and watched the spectacle that was “Ka”. Below…you will see a photo of the auditorium it’s performed in. Out of respect for the show, I did not take any of my own photos (we were asked not to) But I must say it was an amazing experience, I loved every minute of it!theater

Hoover Dam.

We couldn’t spend time in Vegas without visiting the monumental Hoover Dam and going on the Dam Tour.

img_1646img_2702Makes you feel so small!

img_2701A look at the inside of the Dam.


That is a bridge.


Last night in Vegas.

Lots of time and fun was spent in the Planet Hollywood Casino (which was closest to our Hilton Hotel). We ate a lot. And on our last night, we went to see the comedic/magician duo Penn and Teller.


Another show that I couldn’t photograph… however was great time! And I highly recommend for some laughs, pints of wine, and magic!

 What’s really cool about these guys, is that they stick around until every one of their audience members get a photo and/or autograph if they want one. Really cool, down-to-earth guys.

After 4 nights in Sin City, we were ready to get in the car and be on our way.

Next Stop—–> Prescott, AZ


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