Aloha Mainland! Arizona & Durango, Colroado

Aloha Mainland! Arizona & Durango, Colroado

Continuing on our cross-country trip…we left Vegas and drove to Prescott, Arizona. My grandparents live there so we made it a stop in our trip. Prescott, is a town a few hours north of Phoenix. It’s a cute town, situated in a remote part of the state surrounded by mountains and stays much cooler than the Phoenix area. We spent a couple days here. It was a nice quiet break after a few days in Vegas.

Lunch at the Lake.

There’s a great German restaurant located in Prescott National Forest on the Lake. We enjoyed a good lunch with some nice weather.



The Grand Canyon.

After a few days with the grandparents, we went on our way to Colorado. But first, one of the 7 wonders of the World.

So breathtaking.




Old Watch tower.



Next tourist stop the 4 corners.


Love in four states.


Durango, Colorado.

From AZ we continued on to Colorado. Our first Colorado stop is Durango. Located in the Southwest part of the state, with an elevation of 6,512 ft, a population of only 18,000, but about 10 breweries this place makes for a great destination.

There are several ski and snow boarding slopes in and around Durango, a few natural hot springs, hiking trails and historic monuments. It’s a definite must stop for any outdoor, beer loving enthusiast.


The view from our friend’s home.

A little tasting at the Steamworks Brewing Company in Downtown Durango.

Ummm . Beer !

Mesa Verde ancient ruins.

About 45 minutes drive out of Durango, you can visit the Mesa Verde National Park. Where you can walk, hike, and observe the ancient ruins of the Pueblo people, who made their homes in the side of the mountains.


Some of the cliff dwellings.


Just my rugged, handsome, husband.


Remains of Pueblo housing.


Next Stop——-> Denver

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