Aloha Mainland! New Orleans.

Aloha Mainland! New Orleans.

Bring on the Jambalaya, Gumbo, all you can eat Oysters, Beignets, and every other delectable southern food that makes New Orleans unlike any other place in the World. Not only can you successfully and satisfyingly eat your way through this town…you can do it all with a drink in your hand, and the sweet sounds of jazz in your ears. This town has so much to offer, and is a definite must stop on your trip across this wonderful country.

New Orleans is a place running on the present of parties and life but fueled by history that is as dark as it is colorful. It is richly diversified, which is one of the many reasons I personally fell in love with it.

Walking through the French Quarter you are surrounded by beautiful architecture over 200 years old which can quickly transport you to another time, but as you pass Bourbon Street, the pop music playing through the open air bars and in an instant you’re back in the current and are ready for a Hurricane drink!


I fell in love with the houses and buildings of the French Quarter.


Above is one of the most Haunted houses in New Orleans which is currently owned by the one and only Nicolas Cage.


A famous beignet from the infamous Cafe Du Monde.




Some Bourbon Street debauchery!


Friends of mine who had visited before warned me of the smell of Bourbon Street, I always maintained that it couldn’t be that bad… oh I was wrong! But have a couple drinks and you won’t notice as much 😉


I want it ALL! I’m not even going to try to deny that I ate my way through this town and it was glorious! I discovered that I have a love for everything creole or cajun ! If your a foodie in any sense of the word, you will enjoy yourself here. Every street is lined with great eats!


About to chow down, not ashamed!


Besides awesome food, drink and music, there is a lot to do in New Orleans that is of interest, especially to those (like me) who had never spent any time in the South.



We did an airboat tour and it was incredible! They don’t mess around either, you can bring a bucket of beer take off down the Bayou ! Definitely worth it! I would do it again for sure.


And the views are incredible!



Anyone looking for a new house?



Of course a trip to New Orleans would not be complete without some good boozing.



The wall of whiskey.


img_3247A little voo-doo inspired ale .



One of cool things about the city is the cheap transportation. If you stay in or around the french quarter you can hop on one of the Trolleys to safely get to and from your hotel after successful drinking.

Until next time NOLA!



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