7 Day Detox Diary. A tale of longing and lusting for cheese.

7 Day Detox Diary. A tale of longing and lusting for cheese.

Aloha friends.

After much consideration and careful thought, I decided to join one of my good friends in a 45 day revenge body challenge. Which is really just a fancy way of saying, 45 days of being a better human to yourself! The gist of the program is to eat clean, incorporate [Juenesse] products into your daily routine, and work out for a month and a half for the outcome of a healthier, better feeling YOU. I am 3 days into the “detox” phase of this program, and am already salivating over buzzfeed tasty videos…I never realized how much cheese I ate until I couldn’t have it. Did I mention it’s only been 3 days?! Anyway, I’m learning to cut out the crap that bloats, and let me tell you it’s all the good stuff. I’m thinking of chronicling my progress here. Just as a little way to stay accountable. And maybe gripe just a little because I’m a baby. Anyway, detox is only a week long.. I hope I can make it!

As a positive: my cooking skills have enabled me to be a little creative with the foods I can eat.

DAY 1: Trying to stay positive!

I might of had some tears whilst my husband ate popcorn on the couch. img_5487
Day 2: Cooking skills put to the test.


Day 3: Currently resisting cheese.

Mid-week Progress Pic


Day 5:

I was able to get really creative with my cooking, and I’m actually enjoying my meals. The hardest part is not snacking. I’ll come across a stray chip and instinctively want to put it in my mouth, but I’ve been good! I haven’t cheated once. I figure if I made it 5 days, what’s 2 more?

Day 5 Progress Pic


Day 7:

I really did it. I have no memory in my entire life where I went an entire week without any dairy, red meat, carbs (with the exception of fruits and veggies) salt, refined sugars-you know the stuff we all love, oh and no alcohol 🙁 …it is actually possible to not eat those things (even though you lust for it) and still be full and not completely want to die! It’s been a rewarding experience actually, because I was able to learn about what foods actually do for your body, and how food fuels your body, not just fill you up.

Well Detox is over, and making a daily diary has really helped push me along and make it to day 7 without falter. This is a different kind of post than what I usually do on here, but as part of my New Years goals–wanting to get more serious about my fitness and health goals, I feel like this helps to keep myself accountable. Also, I would love to hear from others who have similar goals, would love to chat and swap tips, recipes, workouts etc!

I wont do a weekly diary, but I will update periodically with my progress. Thanks for reading.


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