Valentines Day. Double tap if you love it

Valentines Day. Double tap if you love it

When I was in High school, I was the girl who secretly couldn’t wait for the V-day candy grams to be passed out in homeroom. And every year when that day came–I was promptly disappointed after the student council reps came and left without as much as a look in my direction. High school awkward years came and went, and with my young adulthood came more boys, but no Valentine. So, every year, my best friend and I made it a point to do something ANYTHING together on that fateful day in February. Once we insisted that my mom’s boyfriend drive us through a blizzard to the local Sushi restaurant, because we were celebrating damnit!

I thought I was destined to be the dorky girl in ‘He’s just not that into you’ forever. I would become to loathe the holiday, I would demonstrate this by wearing all black, posting a not-so-ironic passive aggressive social media post, and even went through the phase of referring to it as GALentines day. Which isn’t a terrible thing, or even something to not be proud of. Some of my best days have been spent with my best friend who lets be honest is more like my soulmate than anyone. Despite all that, we all want to love and most importantly be loved in return equally, and hopefully by the person you love.

Truth be told I had never had a Valentine until I met my husband. I was 25 years old when I had my first real Valentine’s day date. I got the roses, I got the fancy dinner–all the romance. I remember being so excited, I put together the perfect outfit, and did my hair perfect, my makeup–on point. I was nervous (we hadn’t been dating long). We were in love. Is this what all Valentines Days were like for those girls in high school? Is this what I was missing out on all those years?


It’s a nice feeling to be showered with attention and gifts, but that’s not real life. Like those instagram models who take photos of themselves in outrageous, over-the-top hotel rooms, with bigger than life balloons and a million rose petals, posing in just the right lighting…ya that’s not real. What I’ve learned since being married to the love of my life, is that Valentine’s Day isn’t about the gifts and the dinner and the kick ass outfit. It’s about appreciating the person you love the most. It’s about spending the time. It’s about compromise, and ya maybe the romance too.


This year will mark my husband and I’s 4th Valentine’s Day together. I cannot wait to stay home in our pjs, watch some bad Netflix movie, with a bottle of wine with our doggos! I love Valentine’s Day.


And in spirit of Valentines Day, hope you enjoyed our little kissing photoshoot!

Aloha with Love


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