Let’s talk about our 20’s

Let’s talk about our 20’s

Can we just agree that this decade is a very confusing and at times super frustrating one? We start off our twenties as these optimistic, wide-eyed, little people who firmly believe they know what’s best, and the old people don’t have a clue. We pine for our 21st birthday and first legal drink. We think we are invincible, the inevitability of age will not affect us. We celebrate cheaper car insurance. Yay. Wait a second, 26, 27, 28. Where did my twenties go? Our lives quickly become less glamorous than we imagined, we are in debt, we are fat(er), we can’t stay out late, we are aging? Oh lord, make. it. stop.

So you’re late 20s now, you don’t have the dream job, you aren’t the person you always imagined you would become and reality has bitterly smacked you with life. I really believe John Mayer was on to something when he sang about his quarter-life crisis.. What are we to do with our old-ass 20 something selves? We are told from a very young age, that we have the ability to do and be whomever we want to when we “grow up”. The thing that we don’t realize is that the growing up part happens without us being aware of it. I guess I’m a grown-up now, when did that happen? My guess is somewhere between moving my ass to Hawaii and noticing my first age line on my face.

Who are we then, if we are not the person we always believed we would be? I am a wife, a sister, a daughter, a bartender, a reader, a writer, a work out enthusiast, podcast listener, true crime addict, an animal lover, a traveler, a wine drinker, a best friend, and a dreamer. So, I didn’t become a CNN reporter, I’m not a top paid exec at some fashion magazine, I didn’t become a lawyer, or a politician. I am not perfect. And its okay.

Being 20 is about growth and recognizing the potential you do have as an individual. I am learning everyday about myself. What can I do to better my life, and those that are in it? Its a work in progress. But now I’m sharing with you nuggets, in hopes that if you’re ever feeling a little down about where you are in life, remember that we are potential, we have worth, and you can be a positive change in your own life and the others around you.

Aloha for now.

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