Take a look in my bag: Essentials for an island getaway

Take a look in my bag: Essentials for an island getaway

Officially a week away from my much needed vacation!

Thats right, the husband and I are off to our old stomping grounds. Goodbye South Carolina and Aloha HAWAII!

Be prepared for loads of Island content for the next month or so… 😉

When it comes to traveling, you can never be TOO prepared, am I right ladies? But how many times have we stuffed the suitcase full and we get to our destinations just to wear the same few tops and shorts. And we have an entire bag of heavy crap we didn’t even bother to unpack for the week we’re away? I know I am so guilty of this. This trip I am only bringing the essentials! Here’s a look into my bag for a 10 day trip to Hawaii–if you’re looking for some packing pointers, or just want to look at some cute travel clothes, keep reading.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s in my bag.

Top 10 essentials for a tropical vaycay:

1. Reversible bikinis . It’s like 2 suits in one ! Pack two and you have 4 bathing suits for your trip . My favorites right now are Moana bikinis . 😍 super cute and perfect for all water activities .

2. Strappy sandals . They. Go. With. EVERYTHING .

3. Denim shorts . You can never have enough if you ask me. But in the name of packing light , grab your two favorite pairs and you’ll have the perfect addition to any outfit .

4. A pair of comfy pants . When your on vacation what’s one of the top things you’ll be doing ? Answer :Eating every good food in sight ! 🤣 stretchy, comfy pants that you can wear at the beach then take them straight out to a nice dinner on the water .

5. An aloha shirt. Because Hawaii 🌈

6. Overalls ! They are great for layering. And you can pair them with a lot of different tops , sweater, or bathing suit !

7. A cute graphic tee. Goes with anything .

8. The perfect handbag . Something that says vacation is my lifestyle . I picked up this cute woven clutch from a thrift store for 3 bucks !

9. Don’t forget about your skin ! Stay selfie perfect and protect your face at the same time. Invest in a good moisturizer . I’m in love with NARS tinted moisturizer . It has amazing coverage and SPF 30 to help protect against sun damage .

10. Finally , a camera ! Pictures or it didn’t happen 😉 . But really what more you need when going to a beautiful destination ? If I could only chose one thing from this list to bring with me it would probably be my camera . What’s a better way to capture all your special moments ? You don’t need a fancy camera to take good pics . Even our phones do the trick these days !

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