Hawaii is my heart.

Hawaii is my heart.

As I sit in the dimly lit bar sipping an overpriced draft beer and waiting for my assumingly unremarkable grilled chicken sandwich to arrive..I began to reminisce about the last time I was at the airport, which was not-so-long ago when my husband and I traveled back to the island we first met, and said our I-dos , to stand by the side of my friends who too were saying those two hallowed words.

So, here i am in the Charlotte airport waiting to board my flight for my weekend getaway with my best friend, writing about my last travel experience.

If someone could have a connection to a [place], like something spiritual, but not in the way people connect to a place like Jerusalem its not “holy” but maybe sacred, it’s the way I feel about Hawaii. Maybe that sounds lame in a really pretentious sort of way. Nevertheless I have these feelings about being on the island that I apparently can not describe well at all. (See above paragraph) . Maybe it has something to do with me moving there all by myself at the adolescent stage of my adult life, or maybe it has to do with my dad, or maybe it’s the fact that I met and fell in love with the man I waited my whole sad life of 24 years to meet. I guess I can conclude that it’s a combination of all those things. A brilliant weaving of all the circumstances that resulted in making the person I am today. That is Hawaii to me.

That was a brutally truthful and vulnerable way of telling you that Hawaii is the shit, and it seriously has my heart.

Having said that…

Aloha Beaches.

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