Kylie’s Kitchen-Summer Meals

Kylie’s Kitchen-Summer Meals

Are you a fellow scourer of Pinterest for fun, new dish ideas? Do you ever get overwhelmed with the intricate details of the meals and decide maybe you cant pull it off, or maybe it will be horrible? I often feel that way BUT I’ve found some of the recipes can be amazingly easy, delicious, and healthy. Summer is hot, sticky, and heavy meals are not the most appealing. Here’s some of my favorite meals that are perfect for the summer weather. So maybe your food wont come out picture-perfect but it tastes good all the same! Hope you enjoy <3


My Version-


Avocado ANYthing is amazing all year round. Add an avocado to your meal, and it’s delicious points go up by 23037 immediately ! My favorite healthy snack and/or breakfast right now is homemade avocado toast! Its fun because you can add different toppings and ingredients to really make it your own.

MY favorite is using UDI’s gluten free whole wheat bread, half an avocado, Vegan cream cheese, a soft boiled or poached egg and topped with some red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper.

Method: Toast the bread, While cooking your egg to your liking. Spread cream cheese on the toast then smash a quarter avocado with fork over the toast . Sprinkle seasoning over the spread. Top with Egg! And enjoy!

Here’s some more avocado toast ideas-


This salad recipe was really great for a hot summer nights BBQ my husband and I recently had. It turned out great and was super easy to throw together.

Mediterranean Chicken Dinner

This is another light meal that was perfect for a summer night and can alternate as a lunch for the next day! I got a week of free Hello Fresh meals, and this was one of the gems I received! Even if you don’t want to order through Hello Fresh you can get the recipe here!

Patatas Bravas and Crispy Artichoke Salad

My second Hello Fresh recipe, and was another success! Super easy and yummy. It consists of crispy fried potatoes drizzled with a warm and lightly spiced aioli sauce!


Cheddar Chicken Fajitas

I love anything in a tortilla! So when Hello Fresh gave me a fajita option this week it was a no-brainer choice. I’ll post the link to the recipe below! I made some adjustments for myself by adding some extra veggies! Another delicious and mostly good-for-you meal!


Hope you enjoyed this look into my kitchen!


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