So long sweet Summer

So long sweet Summer

Sweet were the days spent by the pool with a wine cooler. The concerts, the ball games, the drinking so many Irish breakfast shots that your husband leaves you passed out in the passenger seat of his Explorer while he enjoys a couple more beers in the bar. Ya, Summer can do that to a person. If I had a nickel for every inappropriate place I fell asleep after a few too many drinks (this summer), I’d have a like 20 cents. My husband is a forgiving man (insert laughing emoji with a crying face here). This is supposed to be a Summer post, and I’ve spent almost a paragraph recounting my embarrassing drunk excursions from the past few months. I guess thats half the fun of summer, there’s something about it that makes us feel a little more free than usual. It has a way of bringing out our inner give zero fucks, run through the mud barefoot, and stay out later than you’re supposed to attitude. We tend to be more serious and thoughtful in the Fall and Winter months, something that Summer wants no part of. So, as the Summers end is as sweet as the anticipating sounds of the NFL Thursday night kickoff I want to take a moment and appreciate what summer has gifted, so raise a glass of Rose’ kick off those Birkenstocks and enjoy the last few weeks of this glorious season. If you’re in the Columbia, SC area here’s some things you don’t want to miss these next few weeks.

7 Ways to get your Summer fix in Columbia this Month! 

  1. Columbia Fireflies Games! Who doesn’t love a hot dog and a cold beer? There are only 8 home games left! get your baseball butt down to Spirit Communications Park asap! Get your tickets here:

2. Taco Bar Crawl Um, a walking tour of the Vista in search of the best tacos and margs?! sign me up! This event is being put on by Bar Crawl USA and I’m so excited they have brought this to Columbia! Eat your way through the Vista and your weight in Tacos!

3. River Rat Brewery Frose’ Okay so I don’t have knowledge of whether or not the Frose’ drink at River Rat brewery is just a summer special or not, however will it really taste the same without the heat of Columbia beating down on you? If not the Frose’ just go and enjoy the outdoor areas where your dogs can run, your children can play, and you can enjoy some good craft beer! They recently opened the rooftop bar too!

4. Main Street Latin Fest This just sounds like fun. I’m sure I can find tacos here too!

5. Tubing, Kayaking, Canoeing I just learned you can take your dogs tubing down the river with you! If you haven’t gone yet this summer, you still have time to rent some kayaks, canoes, or tubes downtown and enjoy a day on the river! Here are some of the awesome companies that supply you with what you need ! Palmetto Outdoor and Adventure Carolina Inc.

6. Dog Days of Summer Event at Fort Jackson Water Park If you have furry friends and access to the military base , you’ll want to swing by the Fort Jackson water park this Saturday August 25th from 12pm-3pm so your fur-babies can end this Summer in style too!

7. Spend a Day at the Lake/ Rent a boat with your friends Aside from driving nearly 2 hours to the coast where else can you hope in a boat and enjoy the open water? Lake Murray is just a short jaunt outside Columbia and a perfect way to celebrate the closing of Summer. Boat rentals, Lake front restaurants, camping and more!

If you’re down about Summer coming to an end (think final ceremony scene from ‘Dirty Dancing’, not the cool dance number, but the sad so long tune tune the old guy sings) anyway if that’s how you feel when the Rose’ all day is out and pumpkin beers are then take advantage of some of the awesome things this city has to offer.

So long. Sweet Summer.


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  1. Robin Deniece Summers
    February 25, 2019 / 5:39 pm

    Your blogs are so cute Kylie!!

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