A Weekend in Asheville.

A Weekend in Asheville.

Nestled in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, just north of the South Carolina border, and east of Tennessee is a place where good food is just a short walk up the street and the great beer around every corner. A hipster town that’s crowded with the typical fall-searching 20 something’s from the south, and yuppie types from all over the east, looking for the perfect spot to take that insta pic or just an excuse to get drunk in the mountain air. Whatever the motivation, Asheville has no shortage of people flocking to its quaint, but high-end amenities. I visited the mountain town for the first time, about 3 weeks ago, and although there was no shortage of people talking up the place, it did not disappoint. Indeed, it is a hipster-town, not hippy, but trendy, and full of beer-loving, outdoor enthusiasts, who might spend their mornings doing something active, like hiking on trails in the surrounding mountains, or taking a bike tour of the town, so they can spend their afternoons on a drinking tour of the breweries and not feel guilty about it. Or maybe that was just me. In any case, there’s much to keep you occupied-both outdoors and in.

Our first morning spent in the small town, we got up early(ish) and took a windy, scenic drive up Blue Ridge Parkway to stop off and check out the picturesque mountain backdrops and embark on some hiking trails.

3/4 of our family, enjoying some views.

Stella checking out the changing leaves.

My husband and Fluff enjoying the cold weather…


So I mentioned this was a beer town, right? Asheville is home to some of the best, and well-known breweries in the country, or at least my side of the country. Asheville (proper) is home to over 26 craft breweries and there are over 60 in the surrounding areas. It’s safe to say that there’s something for everyones palette in this hipster town.

Sierra Nevada’s newest brewing facility is located in Asheville. They offer free tours, where you can taste their beers! There’s a large outdoor patio area with fireplaces, cornhole, and lots of seating (dog friendly)

We didn’t eat here, but the food looked AMAZING.


We definitely made a dent in the beer selections at every brewery we went to.

Bhramari Brewing Co.

One World Brewing

Twin Leaf Brewery


So everyone told us that WE.HAD.TO go to Curate for a meal while in Asheville. You need to plan ahead and get a reservation, but the meal was to die for. Everything we had was next level, and worth the $$. But be prepared to spend some money, and order a lot of dishes. It is a Tapas-style restaurant, so portions are small and meant for sharing!

And the experience is only complete if you order your wine in a Perone! DO IT! 

So there is so much to do and see in Asheville, I can’t wait til the next trip!



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