So You’re going to Nashville.

So You’re going to Nashville.

What to do with your girls in Nashville…

So you’re going away for a bachelorette weekend? What do you pack? What should you expect? Will you have the appropriate shoes to support your stumbling down the cold sidewalks after descending the steep-stairs of one of the honky-tonks on Broadway?

I’m here to tell you, NO you probably won’t. You won’t be completely prepared for your sleepless nights out or the weekend will not go entirely as planned like it did in your head.

Maybe you tuck back to your Airbnb early in the evening, after bribing your Uber driver to stop at the local liquor store before cozying back in with your newly acquired girl-friends to play games, fill mason jars full of boxed wine, and sing sad songs at the top of your lungs.

Our nights don’t ever go “as planned” but if you let them they will go just right.

Nashville for bachelorette weekends are as common as the troves of girls taking just the right pics for their gram. What makes Nashville the perfect spot to share some feminine bonding time are the lines of country-themed bars with multi levels of good music, the over-whelming options for brunch, and the over-all glee that the Tennessee air sweeps over you as you cruise the very “walkable” downtown–maybe its just all the whiskey.

Alright so I went to Nashville for a short 2 day girls-trip this past weekend to celebrate my lovely friend’s soon-to-be marriage.

I could go through all the places we ate, drank, stayed, laughed and froze our asses off trying to find the perfect place to listen to some live music and get a shot of fireball—but then half the fun is just exploring and figuring these things out for yourself. So WHEN you find yourself in Nashville for a quick trip or a long week, just grab a ride-share and head down to Broadway, find a place for brunch, get some cheap beer and whiskey shots, eat some hot chicken, find the insane milkshake place, snap some #basicbitch wings and take all the photos!

You wont be disappointed.

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