What? Like, it’s hard?

What? Like, it’s hard?

When Elle Woods got into Harvard, she wasn’t the “usual” candidate but she actually worked hard, studied and had a killer entrance video that helped her chances of getting in…but wait that’s the plot of Legally Blonde. What happens if real-life rich and privilege don’t earn their way into the elite, ivy league schools, what if mommy and/or daddy could simply just write a check with several zeros on the end of them, bribe top recruiting officials, coaches, SAT proctors, all so their precious offspring can continue the highest education that money can buy—hold on that sounds more like a movie plot than reality. Sadly, the second scenario is not-so-shockingly real and less satisfying than a pretty, blonde who gets into Harvard Law with innovative entrance techniques and solves a murder trial as a mere 1st year.

Three words: Operation Varsity Blues.

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past week, here’s a little recap to go over what you missed. Over 50 of our nations beloved top-tier wealthy and privileged have been indicted on fraud charges that allege they have paid upwards of millions of dollars in bribes and pay-offs to get their little darlings into the country’s “top” Universities. Among them are some very well known actresses, business-people, CEO’s, you know those people we always knew threw money at anything to get what they want, but this. Is. Just. The. Grab the popcorn, watch it burn type of scandal we all needed—why? Because even as it comes to NO SURPRISE that these types do this crap and it’s been going on FOREVER in different facets of government, business, corporations, social circles, etc.…for us the “little people” it feels good to see a little recourse, a little knock them off their pedal stool, and god-willing actually get prosecuted for their crimes.

Some people have come on the defense of the parents stating that they have made these “mistakes” out of love. I call bullshit. It’s not love that calls for scamming the system, bribing, laundering money, just to get your kid into college. Maybe it was love that made them pay 40 grand a year for private schools their whole lives, maybe love made you make sure they received the top education money could buy until they were of college applying-age, but love does not mean because your child could not get in because of merit you simply “photo shop” their face on an athlete and have collegiate coaches vouch for their child who’s never picked up a tennis racket and claim them as the next Williams sister so that they will be admitted into Georgetown.

Okay so a little rant-y. But this is a big deal. One of the most infuriating things about the scandal in my opinion is the fact that these hypocritical POS parents could write off these payments as taxable DONATIONS because all the money was funneled through a bogus non-profit charity!!!! Wrap that shit around your head. (Insert eye roll so big that your brain hurts for 15 seconds)

AHHH. Okay I can see straight again.

So who is the victim in this crime? Well first off these morally-corrupt parents aren’t doing any real favors for their kids, even though we may see them as being spoiled, entitled brats, the fact of the matter is they were children and as such they are under control of their parents until they are of college-age, and being a former teen myself I can attest to not wanting to disappoint my parent when I was about to go to college. So most likely would have done anything I could if it meant pleasing her to get into whatever college she wanted me to go to.

Second, which is the most obvious victim—are the hard working, honest kids who DESREVED a spot at these colleges. The kids who actually played and excelled at said sport, who got the actual 35 on the SAT’s, and killed themselves through adolescence to fight for a spot at the college of their dreams just to be denied to make room for someone who had deeper pockets.

We live in an age where the veil of the rich, powerful, and famous is being lifted to reveal their ugly truths. Through Internet, social media and access we have the ability to see into the bullshit that’s been fed to us for too long. As a society we can make these people be more honest, transparent, and hopefully less corrupt in the future.

So in the words of my favorite Harvard Law grad, don’t wear open toe shoes after labor day and maybe hire a Coppola to direct your entrance video instead of scamming the system.


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