Things that have surprised me about pregnancy

Things that have surprised me about pregnancy

A fun thing about being pregnant is having people that you see every week not-so subtly inform you that, “you’re bigger” than you were last week, “Yes Leslie, there’s a human baby growing in there that’s kind of how this whole pregnancy works” ;D ;D So I haven’t written in a bit and seeing as how my last post I wasn’t even quite out of my 1st trimester I thought I would check in being a ripe 22 weeks along now. I started to show, finally around week 18-19, and now for real at this exact moment I can’t hide behind my oversized sweaters and husband’s tees any longer. And SURPRISE every week the bump does get bigger, the baby is putting on actual pounds now, and I’m falling more and more in love with the little life that’s brewing in there every minute. Here’s some things that have crossed my mind while on this journey thus far, some may surprise you, I know that it did me.

Surprises about Pregnancy/ things I’ve learned in the 2nd trimester

Baby’s first movements:

There’s a lot of things about pregnancy that have surprised me. For example, sometimes I kind of forget I have baby human latched on to my insides, then I’ll feel a squirm, and am reminded of the little tagalong. The internet likes to call the first movements you feel as “flutters” I don’t know what the hell a flutter feels like but the first sensations I felt were more like a small body part feeling around in my abdomen like a person walking the hallway to their kitchen with the lights off, he knows where he’s trying to go but not sure if he’s heading in the right direction, feeling up the walls of my uterus to orient himself with his surroundings. It’s not unpleasant, it’s just different, like if a fish were somehow loose and swimming around in you rubbing up against the walls of his tank.


The kicks are wild. One of my new favorite past times is lying flat on the couch with my shirt off and just staring at my tummy waiting to see a little punch or kick, never gets old.

Contentment in being alone:

I never feel “alone” and actually really value and love the time I spend with just me and the babe. At times it can be hard to be the only pregnant lady around and going out you risk randomly not feeling well or just getting exhausted and want to go home but not be a bummer to everyone else, so if the option to just stay home arises I take it. It’s nice to just have time to yourself and let’s face it soon enough “alone” time will be a thing of the past, so I think it’s healthy to take advantage of it while pregnant.

On the topic of alone time, I also think it’s important for your partner, spouse, boyfriend, what have you, ALSO enjoy their time alone or out with their friends. Let’s face it, life for them is going to change too, and day-drinking on a Monday will not be in their futures much longer. 


I just stressed the importance of “alone time” but really you never really are alone when you’re pregnant are you? And that’s one of my favorite things. It’s like a little buddy you carry around with you that makes even the most boring and trivial daily tasks much more exciting. School is much more enjoyable with my tagalong, if ever I’m feeling tired or complacent in lecture, just a couple kicks from the little guy and my whole mood is altered.

Maternity clothes:

Ladies, our options for maternity clothes seem to be limited to ugly and outdated, or extremely over-priced! Or it’s been my experience that if I do find some actually cute, affordable maternity jeans, they don’t have my size. Finding clothes I both like, and am comfortable in has been a challenge. And if you’re anything like me where all your pre-preggo jeans are mid to high rise, then NO you will not be able to wear them the majority of your pregnancy with just a belly band over them, I don’t care how small your legs still are, you aren’t getting high-waisted Levis over that belly anytime soon (sigh, tears). A lot of women recommend leggings as if I hadn’t already been living in them for the past few months, but sometimes you want to look cute and trendy and leggings don’t cut it. I still haven’t found maternity jeans I like, so the jury is still out on whether they exist or not and I refuse to spend $200 on one pair!

Unexpected “Side-effects”:

There’s been some weird side-effects of this pregnancy thing that have been less than enjoyable. For example, I’ve had an insatiable itchy back, weird right? No one ever warned me about that. I literally walk around my house with a spaghetti noodle ladle handy for the uncontrollable urge to itch my impossible to reach back. I’ve been pretty lucky and never experienced morning sickness, and it wasn’t until recently that my tastes have changed a bit and I’ve become pickier in what I want to eat. Apparently, the baby doesn’t approve of pizza or maybe it was the combo of pizza, mac and cheese and chili I had all in the same day?

Importance of a Prego-pillow:

Getting comfortable at night is getting increasingly harder, invest in a pregnancy pillow! It will change your life. I plan on using mine for the rest of the foreseeable future, we’re in a very committed relationship.

Body image:

A weird thing about pregnancy is that it’s the first time in a woman’s life where the number on the scale literally hold no weight for her. At least this has been my experience. The entirety of my life has been spent hating my body for having a bump here or an extra bit of fat on my ass…Now I love waking up every day and checking out the transformation happening. It’s so freeing to have the weight of constant self-body shaming lifted from your view and all you see is the absolute miracle you and your body are capable of. It’s a foreign concept to be in love with your skin the bigger you get and the more weight you gain, but that’s been the reality of it for me. I get it now when women talk about how beautiful and sexy they feel while pregnant, it’s truly amazing what we can do.

Pregnancy is definitely a learning process, learning to give yourself a break, to give your body grace, and learning to start thinking about something bigger than you. It’s important to be healthy and it’s also okay to indulge in peanut-butter chocolate gelato now and then. I’m over half way to the finish line with this journey, and still have so much more to learn and grow before we meet our prince.

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