Hey glad you found yourself here, I’m Kylie. I’ve been blogging on and off for about 5 years as “alohas and goodbyes”. It’s been a fun project but with time, growth, and more new beginnings, I’ve decided it’s time for a rebrand.

Since becoming a mom, little parts of myself have been put on the back burner…that mixed with lack of inspiration and an overall direction this baby “alohas and goodbyes” transformed from a fun hobby to something that just barely clung to life in this forgotten corner of the internet.

A new look, new articles, and an overall fresh vibe for this site is in the works. YAY! She’s getting her groove back.

What I want to accomplish is more raw content about motherhood, somewhere between the perfectly curated insta moms and the long winded oversharing caption blogging you find on Instagram. Being a mom is my top priority, but I still care about staying healthy, trendy, informed, and occasionally tipsy. I want a space to share, learn, and grow. And that’s where I want to take my blog.

Hope you stick around to see where this goes.

Love and Aloha.