I’m Kylie. A 20-something year old, who quit journalism college to move to Hawaii on a whim one day. I fell into bartending, and I fell in love with the island and a boy. I’ve learned that every decision, even the bad ones, will bring you to where you deserve to be in life. I started this blog to celebrate those decisions–and to tell the story of my path to finding Aloha in all places.

I have a passion for writing, photography, art, doggos and food. I still tend bar as an income source, but hope to be a paid writer someday. (A girl can dream) My husband is my best friend, and pretty much my personal photographer. We are working on building a life we dont need to vacay from (cliche but true.) Oh, and we are proud parents to 2 beautiful doggos! Maui and Stella.

Alohas and goodbyes is mostly about new experiences. I want to tell the story of my life in Hawaii, and what has come from that experience and what happens after. Aloha is more than just the Hawaiian word for Hello and goodbye…it is a lifestyle, a spirit, something that is positive and cheerful. I hope my blog captures that and is enjoyed.

Mahalo for stopping by.

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