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The Capital

Aloha friends and strangers. I went to Washington DC for the first time ever last week. Our purpose for the trip was to attend the Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House, which we…

Exploring the Nation's capital with my love

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What? Like, it’s hard?

When Elle Woods got into Harvard, she wasn’t the “usual” candidate but she actually worked hard, studied and had a killer entrance video that helped her chances of getting in…but wait that’s the plot of…

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Turtle neck sweaters and Kylie Jenner-Everything you wanted to hear about Women in power.

Have you ever felt like a fraud? Like at any moment someonewill figure you out and the jig will be up, and you’ll be forced back into yourparent’s basement with an old tattered pillow case…

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Job Dreaming. Does the dream job actually exist?

What does it mean to love your job? I wouldn’t know. But does anybody, really? There have been times when I liked what I did for work, but to honestly wake up with a perk…

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So You’re going to Nashville.

What to do with your girls in Nashville… So you’re going away for a bachelorette weekend? What do you pack? What should you expect? Will you have the appropriate shoes to support your stumbling down…

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