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Call it what you want, ‘Miss Americana’ offers a genuine look into Taylor Swift, her life and what it means to find happiness.

Like a dutiful “Swifty”, I watched Taylor Swift’s documentary (twice) over the weekend. To say it was emotional would be an understatement…I teared up a few times, maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, or maybe she…

"I wanna still have a sharp pen, thin skin, and an open heart"

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Things that have surprised me about pregnancy

A fun thing about being pregnant is having people that you see every week not-so subtly inform you that, “you’re bigger” than you were last week, “Yes Leslie, there’s a human baby growing in there…

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What to expect, that people don’t warn you about, when you’re expecting.

Let’s be honest there are countless of online threads, websites, mommy-blogs and books you can turn to that will give you all the medical advice, things to buy, “what to expect”, and how to break…

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Once upon a time in Hollywood- an honest review of Leo’s latest and why as a true crime enthusiast I loved it.

Once upon a time in Hollywood A review by a suburban twenty something year old who has zero credibility as a movie critic, lives with a healthy true crime addiction and a dedicated spot in…

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The Capital

Aloha friends and strangers. I went to Washington DC for the first time ever last week. Our purpose for the trip was to attend the Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House, which we…

Exploring the Nation's capital with my love

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