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Rona’ please don’t destroy our industry: A bartenders reaction to covid-19.

Dear drinkers: don’t forget about us. An open letter to those who have a favorite barstool and want to see it still there after the virus is done f*cking with us.   Signed, Your socially…

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Down with the sickness: social media induced affluenza, are you infected?

In a sobering statistic, on average we spend 6 hours a week shopping and only 40 minutes playing with our kids. Surprised? Now, you may be thinking…that’s not right, “I don’t shop that much” or…

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Call it what you want, ‘Miss Americana’ offers a genuine look into Taylor Swift, her life and what it means to find happiness.

Like a dutiful “Swifty”, I watched Taylor Swift’s documentary (twice) over the weekend. To say it was emotional would be an understatement…I teared up a few times, maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, or maybe she…

"I wanna still have a sharp pen, thin skin, and an open heart"

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Things that have surprised me about pregnancy

A fun thing about being pregnant is having people that you see every week not-so subtly inform you that, “you’re bigger” than you were last week, “Yes Leslie, there’s a human baby growing in there…

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What to expect, that people don’t warn you about, when you’re expecting.

Let’s be honest there are countless of online threads, websites, mommy-blogs and books you can turn to that will give you all the medical advice, things to buy, “what to expect”, and how to break…

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