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Detox time again… Breakfast is the best-fest.

Detox breakfast recipe

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Hawaii is my heart.

HAWAII 2018 trip

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Take a look in my bag: Essentials for an island getaway

Officially a week away from my much needed vacation! Thats right, the husband and I are off to our old stomping grounds. Goodbye South Carolina and Aloha HAWAII! Be prepared for loads of Island content…

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Let’s talk about our 20’s

Can we just agree that this decade is a very confusing and at times super frustrating one? We start off our twenties as these optimistic, wide-eyed, little people who firmly believe they know what’s best,…

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45 Day Revenge Body Challenge: Day 36, an update.

I began a 45 day challenge with some other women who also wanted to make some lifestyle changes for their health, physical appearance, or overall well-being. We are using Zen Body products along with a…

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