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Turtle neck sweaters and Kylie Jenner-Everything you wanted to hear about Women in power.

Have you ever felt like a fraud? Like at any moment someonewill figure you out and the jig will be up, and you’ll be forced back into yourparent’s basement with an old tattered pillow case…

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Job Dreaming. Does the dream job actually exist?

What does it mean to love your job? I wouldn’t know. But does anybody, really? There have been times when I liked what I did for work, but to honestly wake up with a perk…

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So You’re going to Nashville.

What to do with your girls in Nashville… So you’re going away for a bachelorette weekend? What do you pack? What should you expect? Will you have the appropriate shoes to support your stumbling down…

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Make Alcoholism trendy again: what craft beer has done for drinking.

Connection is important. Internet connection, connecting flights, connect-four there’s something quite satisfying about seeing those four little token pieces all line up in a row…connecting with people, one could argue that may be the most…

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Happy Vlogmas

Aloha friends and strangers… I’ve been a little silent on the blog lately, mostly because I’ve been focusing on some other projects. BUT I plan on kick starting a more active presence here because I…

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